Talking African Justice is a project of the African Court Research Initiative(ACRI) whose mission is to make a scholarly and practical impact on the future African Court of Justice and Human and Peoples’ Rights. The principal goal of the ACRI is to help maximize the opportunities for and functionality of international justice in Africa and beyond.

By studying the challenges and limitations of the Malabo Protocol for the African Court, the initiative explores justice in Africa in relation to the judicial constraints of international law as well as its operationalization within larger political and regional architectures. Among other activities, ACRI is involved in the development of various publications ranging from short policy-oriented reports that outline recommendations on what the African Union could do to improve the statute –assuming that it achieves the 15 ratifications required to enter into force in the near future. The work of ACRI has been made possible by the generous support of the Pan African Lawyers Union and the Open Society Foundations. For more information, visit the ACRI website.


“The African Court Research Initiative approaches the study of justice in Africa in relation to its larger ecologies of justice. The study of the African Court is a study of the court in relation to it’s judicial, political, social and the particularities of justice within African geographies of justice.”

-ACRI Research Team